Antique Tuscan, 12 line

Specimen of Antique Tuscan 12 line Hamilton

This type measures 12 line in size and was produced with the end-cut method. The type block does not have a manufacturer’s stamp.

This face was first shown as wood type by Darius Wells and E.R. Webb in their 1849 Specimen of Wood Type. 

Antique Tuscan was shown in  American Wood Type on page 280. This cut was shown in the folio on page 14.

Type name used by manufacturer:

Bill, Stark Antique Tuscan

Cooley Antique Tuscan

Hamilton Antique Tuscan or  No 25

Knox Antique Tuscan

Morgans & Wilcox Antique Tuscan  [3205]

National Printers’ Materials Antique Tuscan

Page Antique Tuscan  [4025]

Tubbs Antique Tuscan or No 2071

Wells  Antique Tuscan or  No 343  [5198]

This is the Hamilton cut.

In American Wood Type Kelly noted that this face most likely originated as a wood type in America. Lowercase was not added until 1854.

In the 1884 Hamilton & Katz Specimens of Holly Wood Type, multiple catalog numbers were listed for what seems to be the same design of Antique Tuscan, No 25, No 46, No 79 and No 90 are all used. No 25 is used here in this list because it was the only number for this cut used by Hamilton in specimen books after 1884.