Border No 17

Specimen of border Chromatic

This border measures 8 line in size and was produced with the end-cut method. It does not have a manufacturer’s stamp.

This chromatic border was first shown as wood type by William H. Page in his 1870  Specimens of Wood Type.

Border No 17 was not shown chromatically in  American Wood Type  or in the folio.

Type name used by manufacturer:

Hamilton Border No 165

Page Border No 17

Tubbs Border No 17

Wells Border D

This cut has not yet been matched to a manufacturer.

This design was first shown chromatically (2 colors) in Page’s 1874 Specimens of Chromatic Wood Type and Borders. Hamilton also showed this border in a two color chromatic in his August, 1889 Specimen of Wood Type & Borders.

Vanderburgh, Wells & Co showed this border as one color, giving no indication it was chromatic, in a specimen book that was produced sometime between 1867 and 1877, the exact date has yet to be confirmed. Charles Tubbs at American Wood Type also showed this border as one color, with no chromatic indication, in his 1883 Specimens of    Wood Type.

The corners for the second color blocks are missing from the Collection.