Gothic Extended

Specimen of Gothic Extended

This type measures 5 line in size and was produced with the end-cut method. The type block is stamped Hamilton, Two Rivers, Wis.  which was used by Hamilton between 1891–1950s.

This face was first shown as wood type by Darius Wells and E.R. Webb in their 1840 Specimen of Plain and Ornamental Wood Type, Cut by Machinery. 

This cut of Gothic Extended was shown in American Wood Type  on page 300 and in the folio on page 31.

Type name used by manufacturer:

Cooley Gothic Extended

Hamilton Gothic Extended  or No 126

Morgans & Wilcox Gothic Extended [3070]

National Printers’ Materials Gothic Extended

Page Gothic Extended [4126]

Tubbs No 2058

Wells Gothic Extended or  No 246 [5076]

This is the Morgans & Wilcox cut.

Kelly believed that this face most likely originated as a wood type in America.