Kurilian No 2

Specimen of Kurilian No 2

This type measures 16 line in size and was produced with the end-cut method. The type block does not have a manufacturer’s stamp.

This face was first shown as wood type by Alexander Vanderburgh and Heber Wells in their 1879  Specimens of Wood Type.

This cut of Kurilian No 2 was shown in  American Wood Type  on page 291 and in the folio on page 27.

Type name used by manufacturer:

Wells Kurilian No 2 or  No 616

This is the Wells cut.

Kurilian No. 2 seems to have only been shown by Wells, and does not appear to have received a Hamilton catalog number after the acquisition.

Kelly labeled this as Kurilian, Eureka  in American Wood Type  and said that it was shown in the 1880s.

Kurilian  is similar but has open medial dots. It was cut by Heber Wells [5240] and by National Printers’ Materials. Eureka  is also similar but with no medial dots and was cut by both Heber Wells [5239] and Page [318].