No 624

Specimen of No 624

This type measures 6 line in size and was produced with the end-cut method. The type block does not have a manufacturer’s stamp.

Though it originated with Page in 1890, this face was only first shown as wood type by J.E. Hamilton in his 1896  Specimens of Wood Type.

This cut of No 624 was not shown in  American Wood Type, but was shown in the folio on page 94.

Type name used by manufacturer:

Page No 624 [624]

Tubbs No 2197

This is the Page cut.

This design was not shown or listed by Page in either the die-cut or end-cut catalog produced in 1890. Hamilton included a note about the face in the 1896 catalog that stated: “This series contains no lower case, the small caps taking their place. In ordering it should be plainly stated whether caps, caps and small caps, or caps, small caps and slanting letters are wanted.” The slanting letters were slanted small caps and were interchangeable with the small caps.

Tubbs does not include slanted small caps of this design in his c.1904 catalog.

Kelly noted the numerals as missing in the folio and listed the type as “No name.” He also stated that design was only cut by Page Company.