The RRK is a working study collection owned by the university’s Harry Ransom Center (HRC) and housed in the Design Division’s Design Lab (ART 2.212). The Department of Design welcomes scholars and practitioners who wish to conduct research on, or run workshops using, the collection.

Design Lab

The Design Lab (ART 2.212) serves both as a classroom and as a letterpress, bookbinding, silkscreen, and photography production studio for students enrolled in design courses. Its facilities and equipment include:

  • Vandercook #4 Proofing Press1
  • Vandercook #425
  • Vandercook SP15
  • Columbian Handpress2
  • Kwikprint Model 55 Hot Foil Stamper
  • Polymer Plate Maker
  • screen printing Facilities
  • Metal Type
  • CNC Router
  • three AB Dick 360 offset presses
  • Board shear
  • Guillotine
  • Lee Collection3 

Scholars and practitioners who wish to conduct research on the RRK or run educational workshops featuring the collection are welcome to contact Henry Smith, the Design Lab manager, at

Non-monetary Donation


Vandercook press


Columbian Press in Production Lab


The Lee Collection was acquired by the design division in 2017 at the bequest of the Lee family. It is composed of the metal type used to print the first Chinese newspaper in Houston the Southwest Chinese Journal.

Lee Collection metal type in drawer